Travel Well, Travel Often: A Conversation with Samantha Patil, CEO of Well Traveled

Written by 2021 Jr. Judge Shaya Mossanen

The Jr. Judge Program started off with a bang with their first Meet the CEO on Tuesday. The fifteen girls met Samantha Patil, the CEO of Well Travelled, a new and innovative way to book vacations created in 2020. The discussion was centered around perseverance and resilience as well as the journey to create Well Travelled.

Personally, Samantha inspired me to solve a problem that may seem unsolvable by approaching it with the mindset that the challenge is nothing that I cannot do. Samantha expressed how things would get frustrating and perfecting something often got in the way of priorities. This especially stuck with me and I learned how perfection can come after priorities, but not risking quality. Additionally, Samantha said that having a good work-life balance is important and that being able to take time off when you need to is important. Even when I’m caught up in something, Samantha reminded me of the importance of taking a step back and spending time with family and friends.