From Glitter to Goals: An Interview with Galit Strugano, Founder and Creative Director of Girlactik

Written by 2021 Jr. Judge Keira Wang

The WFF Junior Judges were excited to welcome Galit Strugano of Girlactik to the Meet the CEO event. Girlactik is a leading makeup brand providing a full beauty product line. Galit shared her incredible story of starting out with just $1800 and a lot of determination to launch her company.

Covering topics like Girlactik inception, the importance in attention to detail, and the value of persistence - much like Girlactik’s signature product - this discussion sparkled with gems of information and inspiring stories.

The Girlactik story starts during the height of glitter. Walking down the red carpet, every pop star could be seen wearing glitter on her eyes. However, as Galit experienced firsthand as a lover of makeup, glitter was messy and didn’t stay on for long. With encouragement from her mom, Galit set out to create a product that not only would have a fine, classy sparkle, but would also last.

Just hearing Galit’s journey to create Girlactik makes her determination clear. From cold calling numbers of labs featured on yellow pages to re-opening the door after a seemingly flat-out rejection letter with a follow-up call to her Nordstrom representative, she had to brave numerous rejections but didn’t let a “no” deter her.

Although it is clear Girlactik’s lasting success is in part due to Galit’s sheer tenacity and work ethic, she points out how it’s the little things that make the world of difference. Galit credits her company’s high attention to detail and emphasis on quality customer service, from sending personal notes to constantly asking how they can make it easier for consumers, for their continued survival.

The business world is always competitive and those in the beauty industry are no exception. However, Galit’s motto, "stay in your lane,"

is incredibly grounding. I find it to be so fitting in a world so strongly intertwined with social media. Everything happening in another person’s life, their accolades and accomplishments, is at your fingertips. It is so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself and your achievements to other people and believing that what you are doing is not enough and that you’re somehow “losing.” Galit’s motto serves as a powerful reminder that while social media can be great for inspiration and connectivity, you shouldn’t let it dictate your sense of self-worth or happiness.

For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Galit recommends to just go out and start. Experience is the best teacher. Start your own business, learn as you go. Work for a company you admire and make note of how everything operates and how they deal with the issues that arise. The knowledge you gain from firsthand experience is incomparable to textbooks or schools. We thank Galit for sharing her incredibly inspiring story with us.