Welcome, 2018 Junior Judges!

If you’ve been accepted as a 2018 Junior Judge, welcome and congratulations!

We’ll post some interesting stuff here throughout the next few months as you prepare to judge the fast pitch on October 16.

To start, here is the list of the women entrepreneurs who will pitch their companies that day for a chance to win $$$, including $5,000 from you, thanks to Stacey Feinberg of Halogen Ventures who is sponsoring this year’s Junior Judge cash prize.

Start reading and learning about these companies now! Do they sell a product that you can buy in the store to test it out? Are they a web-based business that you can visit online? Read about the founders and check out their company websites.

The WFF team looks forward to a fun season ahead as we debate and discuss these companies!


(alphabetical by company)

  • BOXFOX, Sabena Suri, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, El Segundo, CA – an LA-based ecommerce gifting company created to bring the age-old art of gifting into the 21st century.

  • CityGrows, Catherine Geanuracos, CEO & Co-Founder, Los Angeles, CA – the only self-service cloud operations platform for government that helps manage permits, licenses, processes and requests online for any department, process, or size of government.

  • Coozie Gear, Rachelle Snyder, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Los Angeles, CA – an ecommerce outdoor company that allows you to book on-demand premium outdoor gear with free delivery and pickup as an alternative to buying, maintaining, and storing gear.

  • Edoughble, Rana Lustyan, Founder & CEO, Los Angeles, CA – the first and only premium edible cookie dough dessert that is 100% safe to consume raw, made with a clean label and has a delicious, straight from the mixing bowl taste.

  • PantyProp, Crystal Etienne, CEO, Farmingdale, NY – performance hygiene-wear products with built-in proprietary technology that bridges the gap between health, hygiene, and comfort for people who suffer from incontinence or menstrual flow.

  • PRZM, Kim Stiefel, CEO, Los Angeles, CA – Smart Replenishment that breaks the rigid rules of subscription commerce by offering brands a simple way to predict when a product is about to be used up and enabling them with simple, frictionless tools for when it comes time to purchase.

  • Shipsi, Chelsie Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Venice, CA – we partner with brands and retailers to give online shoppers an additional option at checkout to receive merchandise in 1 hour or less.

  • The Labz, Farah Allen, CEO, Mabelton, GA – helps song creators protect and memorialize their music by centralizing their collaboration, automatically logging the contributions of individual team members, and instantly publishing their work on a blockchain-backed song information page.

  • Thousand, Gloria Hwang, Founder, Fullerton, CA – on a mission to rebrand the bike helmet to help save lives and empower people to connect to their cities. We make bike helmets people actually want to wear.

  • Zygo, Sheera Goren, CEO, Playa Vista, CA – the first waterproof headset with simultaneous live one-way communication and streaming audio.

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